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Tea Bag Bedding 10kg Approx.


Supplied in plastic-wrapped waterproof bales

Easy to handle 10kg weight
Perfect for dog owners, breeders and kennels and other volume users.

Compressed for compactness, but retains it’s volume once open and is easy to use.

Our Large Tea Bag Bedding 10kg (approx.) Bale is the perfect product size for dog owners, dog breeders and kennels. Alternatively, perfect for bulk buying for other pets’ bedding including those with small animals such as; rodents and small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and mice. Why Tea Bag Bedding?


Tea Bag Bedding is environmentally and pet-friendly compared to traditional pet bedding options. It has been proven to be more absorbent than traditional bedding options such as wood shavings, hemp or straw. It is especially popular with dog breeders as an alternative to newspaper or carpet due to the absorption properties as well as keeping the puppies clean, dry and cosy. It is very cost-effective as only the soiled area needs to be removed not the whole bed.   Why not take a look at our Premium Dog Crates too?